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Issue 236 October 1, 2018 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

This issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter comes with a lot of interesting reading material: aside from the really lengthy list of current journal issues, I have also spotted a series of highly interesting books. My favorites in the latter section included (unsurprisingly) a book on teaching pluralist economics, another on the history of inequality in the UK and, finally, one on the philosophical underpinnings of neoliberalism, which argues that the latter presents a 'complete worldview' that is based on embracing competition in all aspects of life. I found this assessment interesting as it is not only a plausible summary of research from different fields and disciplines, but it also makes obvious the partially stark contrast between current trends & developments and the views of some classical political economists. Just, for instance, juxtapose the supposedly 'neoliberal' view that competition should always be embraced, with the perspective of John Stuart Mill, who argued that "voluntary co-operation", and not forced competition, is a signifier of progress, i.e. "civilization".

However, my second advice is to not get too distracted by all this interesting stuff and first inspect our Calls - those for papers & participants as well as the one for support, because paper is much more patient than deadlines and some of the items mentioned come with quite hasty ones. INET's YSI conference on "Inclusive or Exclusive Global Development? Scrutinizing Financial Inclusion" is clearly the absolute frontrunner in this regard as its submission deadline is today ;-)

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