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Issue 225 January 29, 2018 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

As usual, this issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter is full of important and timely items documenting recent and upcoming activities related to heterodox economics. Some of the items below relate to issues covered in past editorials: for instance, my short report on my personal ASSA-experience is complemented by a series of calls for papers for the next meeting in Atlanta, early 2019 (see here, here and here). Another example relates to the role of women and minorities in the economics profession, which I recently covered here and which also made it into the mainstream media (e.g. this piece in the New York Times). In this context, the AEA has not only issued a partly self-critical statement but also published a draft for a future code for conduct (see below), requests comments on said draft and, in addition, announced the creation of its own job-market site. While these changes focus mainly on diversity in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation and do not necessarily contribute to greater theoretical diversity in contemporary economics, they are surely an important step in the right direction.

Also in the spirit of tracking the status of theoretical diversity in the profession, this Newsletter's journal section includes the recent issue of Oxford Review of Economic Policy, which features a special issue containing reflections on "rebuilding macroeconomic theory" from acknowledged mainstreamed researchers. The issue contains self-critical as well as defensive contributions and hosts bold confessions like "Macroeconomics is about general equilibrium" (by Olivier Blanchard in his contribution, which could be characterized as an effort to immunize the current DSGE-workhorse-model against critique). In any case, the selected issue is definitely interesting when it comes to stay on track with broader mainstream debates on the adequacy of the standard research program.

Finally, I wanted to point my younger readers to this year's EAEPE Summer School, whose organizers have managed to recruit a rather excellent and outstanding group of contributors. I was, honestly, impressed and wished I could be a PhD-student again, if only for a week ;-)

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