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Issue 238 November 12, 2018 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

When compiling this issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, I noticed at some point, that this is actually an anniversary issue: it is now five years past since I started editing the Newsletter. As you might guess, this duty has made my work-life more stressful and dense in some aspects. At the same time, I will readily admit that I experience my editorship as a highly interesting and extremely rewarding activity. It is an interesting intellectual challenge to edit the Newsletter, because it forces one to survey a broad collection of diverse materials and think hard about the appropriate boundaries as well as the core contents of the interdisciplinary field of Political Economy. And it is a rewarding task, not only because the creativity inherent in the breadth of the material surveyed often coins my own thought on key issues, but also because of the regular interaction with diverse members of the research community – ranging from established figures in the field to students, who are eager to accomplish their first steps. Hence, it comes as no surprise that I see my editorship rather as a gift than as a duty, given that I feel I have benefitted greatly from this experience.

Looking back on the past five years also brings to mind all the support the Newsletter received over the years. First and foremost, such support has always come from my friend Leonhard Dobusch, who is an excellent researcher, an inspiring colleague and the kind guy, that somehow finds the time to proofread all of my editorials. But there are many more people and institutions, whom and which I owe some gratitude: of course, this includes all past editors of the Newsletter - the greatly missed Frederic S. Lee, who acted as first editor from 2004-2009, and his successors Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt. There are the various institutions that supported my research over the past years and, hence, allowed me to take off the time for editing the Newsletter. Among these are the Austrian Chamber of Labor, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the German Research Institute for Societal Progress or the Austrian Central Bank. There are my extremely reliable, careful and witty editorial assistants, Florian Springholz (2013-2018) and Timo Kapelari (since May 2018), whose input and work is crucial for the accuracy, punctuality and overall quality of the Newsletter. And the list goes on: there is an IT-genius operating in the background, a family, which is o.k. with every third weekend of their dad being dedicated to the Newsletter, there are some-thousand interested subscribers as well as hundreds of people, who regularly contribute inputs and recommendations and so on.

In sum, the Newsletter is clearly a community achievement, a commons, as symbolized by the inverted copyright symbol we put under our content. As such, it is largely made by a community to serve a community. Under such circumstances editing is basically reduced to channeling what is already out there, which is at the end of the day what makes editing the Newsletter a refreshing (and sometimes even an easy) task.

Many thanks for these five years and all the best,


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