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The 5th Edition of the Heterodox Economics Directory (2013) has been published

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Call for Ph.D. Dissertations in Heterodox Economics

  1. BulletIf you have completed your dissertation recently (since January 2012), send us the following information: the title, author's name and email address, abstract, institution, date completed, and advisor's name. A longer summary is optional.

Call for Book Reviews

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Rankings of Heterodox Schools and Journals

  1. Heterodox-Adjusted Rankings for Ph.D.-Granting Institutions in Economics

  2. Rankings of Ph.D.-Granting Institutions in Heterodox Economics

  3. Research Quality Ranking of 254 Heterodox and Mainstream Journals

REMAPPING DEBATE Articles on Economics in the US

  1. Part I: For U.S. universities, a failing grade in economics [pdf]

  2. Part II: Behind scientific façade, economics depts. Serve heavy does of laissez faire [pdf]

  3. Part III: Econ curricula shortchanging majors and non-majors alike [pdf]

  4. Part IV: Reform agenda: economics classes that make you think [pdf]

  5. Part V: Don’t know much about history, don’t know much about economy [pdf]

  6. Part VI: Mainstream economists on the defensive [pdf]

NB: All articles are written by Mike Alberti. Remapping Debate is a not-for-profit online news publication dedicated to posing the "why'" and and "why not" questions of domestic public policy.

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Heterodox economics refers to economic theories and communities of economists that are in various ways an alternative to mainstream economics. It is a multi-level term that refers to a body of economic theories developed by economists who hold an irreverent position vis-à-vis mainstream economics and are typically rejected out of hand by the latter; to a community of heterodox economists whom identify themselves as such and embrace a pluralistic attitude towards heterodox theories without rejecting contestability and incommensurability among heterodox theories; and to the development of a coherent economic theory that draws upon various theoretical contributions by heterodox approaches which stand in contrast to mainstream theory. (Frederic S. Lee, 2008. in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics)